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Expandables is a series of cute on-chain generated pixel pandas using Chainlink VRF for generation. Adopt and venture your way into the Metaverse using our ERC-20 token $BAMBOO and the upcoming Panda Voxels! Our project is centered around the thrilling experience of being part of the Metaverse and introducing plenty of pandas to their new habitat. Adopting a panda doesn't only mean you're able show off your voxel in the Metaverse, you'll also be helping us to fight the endangerment of this beautiful species in real life!


phase 1 - launch

- Launch of the 3,500 pandas
- NFT20.io liquidity pool set up for pandas
- Rarity tools listing
- Donation to charity

phase 2 - $bamboo

- Launch of our ERC-20 utility token $BAMBOO
- Stake your panda to earn 25 $BAMBOO per day
- $BAMBOO will be generated for 10 years

phase 3 - metaverse

-Integration of voxel pandas in Metaverses such as The Sandbox
-Acquiring our own land for voxel pandas to get together
-You will be able to buy clothes for your voxel panda with $BAMBOO
-You will be able to use your voxel panda at metaverses such as in The Sandbox

frequently asked questions

What does term "on chain" mean?
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It means the NFTs are generated and stored on the blockchain, no external servers are used. Which means your NFT's availability is ensured as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists.

How are pandas generated and stored?
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Panda's traits are assigned randomly during mint and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Images will also be stored on Arweave on chain, so you will always be able access them. We also use Chainlink VRF to provide 100% randomness for the generation.

Is Expandables supporting charities?
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10 eth will be donated to an organization after launch, yet to be chosen. There are only around 2,300 pandas left in the world, and we will be happy to support the difficult mission of breeding pandas.

Is there going to be a community wallet?
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Yes! To start with, 10% of our primary sales will be deposited in our community wallet. Besides that, it will receive 1% of secondary sales. These funds will be used to keep expanding the Expandables.

What will be the royalties fee on the secondary market?
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We have decided to set a royalties fee of 5%.

What is $BAMBOO?
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$BAMBOO is an ERC-20 utility token generated by the pandas.

How is $BAMBOO generated?
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By staking a genesis panda it will produce $BAMBOO. Each panda produces 25 $BAMBOO per day. You can unstake your panda at anytime.

What is the max supply of $BAMBOO?
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There is no designated supply cap for $BAMBOO. However, $BAMBOO can only be earned through staking for 10 years. After that, no more tokens can be generated.

What can I do with $BAMBOO?
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You can buy Voxel Pandas, Panda Boxes, merch and wearables for your Voxel Panda with $BAMBOO token. Panda Boxes are loot crates containing wearables for your Voxel Panda. You can customize it and buy new wearables for it.

What can I do with my voxel pandas?
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We will buy a plot in The Sandbox for our pandas to get together, connect and have fun! You will be able to show off your voxel panda in metaverses such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and more.

Voxel Panda Art

honorary panda

honorary panda

honorary panda

Meet the team

Joona panda
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Justin panda
project manager
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Extraken Panda
lead artist
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Paperman panda
lead dev
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Kevin panda
BigBubba panda
Gillynator panda
community manager
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